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Changing your stock air filter and air intake system and replacing them with high-performance aftermarket parts from Vivid Racing is one of the simplest ways to get more power and strength from your engine. Stock systems, including low intake noise and cost, are built with objectives other than quality. Consequently, most cars come from the manufacturer with complicated air boxes and intake tubes, and inexpensive paper air filters. From our vast range, pick a unit and let your engine come to life.

An affordable way to continue is only to adjust the paper air filter. It filters the air, but the tiny pathways are tiny, and as debris piles up, the movement gets much worse. A typical aftermarket quality air filter absorbs dirt without reducing airflow; several layers of filtration material, such as cotton gauze. What is more, aftermarket filters can be washed and reused, so you get increased engine power and save cash to boot.

Aftermarket Air Intake Accessories

The regular conical air filter found with an aftermarket performance air intake made of tougher content is also broader. Still, you need to increase the air filter's size to improve airflow. For much higher airflow, it has a much larger surface area than the OE filter. An effective way to achieve the benefits of a wider filter is with one of our kits that links the filter to a lightweight, universal intake tube or mounts it to the factory air intake tube. The next step towards greater airflow is the removal of the limiting OE air intake hose.

Signs of a Failing Air Intake System

To generate power used to drive the car, the engine requires clean air at the correct pressure. For the engine, the Air Intake System performs this function if the air intake system fails or has any problems working, so the engine would not get the volume of air needed to power the car and will likely fail.

Any signs showing your vehicle can suspect a defect or breakdown in your vehicle's air intake system. This segment will examine any of those indications.

Heating of the Engine

The air intake's incorrect functioning will not allow the engine to generate power adequately. This will result in the engine's improper functioning and the failure of components such as the cooling system. The outcome will unreasonably heat the engine.

Engine Stalling

If there is a spill in the air intake inlet manifold, it will not provide the engine with a good air-fuel mixture. Depending on how severe the system's crack is, the engine may well not function perfectly or have a ragged idle state.

Noises from the Engine

A few disturbing sounds and rumbling noises from the engine may be present. There might also be noise coming like chirps in the event of leakages. It could also be from the inlet manifold tubing, and metallic sounds may also be present.

Higher Fuel Consumption

If there is a problem in your air intake system, it will try to make up for lack of energy by taking more air-fuel mixtures. The power will not be adequate, but more fuel will be required for this extra air mixture suction. This will contribute to the vehicle's greater fuel consumption.

Most stock air intake tubes are developed to minimize air intake roar. Usually, they have weird wobbles and sound baffles, which can reduce noise but limit airflow. Aftermarket intake tubes are formed with different diameters and snappier bends for effective and better airflow to the throttle body. Also, when you stomp on the gas, you'll consider the high sound intake of music to your ears. The stock airbox and air intake pipe will be replaced by a basic output air intake and mounted in roughly the same position.

Supplying the engine with cooler air, which is heavier and creates more oxygen for better combustion, is the next step to greater performance. We offer products that use various approaches to shield the filter from engine heat such that it is possible to pull cooler air in. Some systems have blockers that seal against the hood to separate the filter from engine heat. Now we have air box systems that not only shield the filter from heat but are much larger than the OE unit, meaning that a much larger filter can be accommodated. Some systems place the air filter outside the engine compartment to enter the coldest air or use a scoop to funnel air to the filter.

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