The Story Behind Akrapovic

The exhaust market is filled with hundreds of manufacturers, all eyeing one goal; to provide their customers with the best exhaust product. But there is one company that has become synonymous with performance, and that is Akrapovic.

How it All Started

Akrapovic is a Slovenian manufacturer of exhaust systems. Founded in 1990 by Igor Akrapovic, the brand was originally born to fill a need for high-quality exhausts. It started in the motorcycle market and then expanded into automobile systems in 2010. Igor’s knowledge of exhaust systems and motorcycles came from his experiences when he drove and raced for a decade at national and international levels.

During his racing career, Igor Akrapovic realized a lack of quality exhausts available to the consumer market. The existing systems were unsatisfactory in terms of technology and manufactured from heavy steel. The good ones, of course, cost too much for the average customer, and so the story goes.

Akrapovic took it upon itself to simply start making its own exhausts. And the rest is history. 

Using Quality Materials To Produce The Best

To offer the best product possible, the company replaced the heavy steel used by other brands with lighter materials like titanium and carbon fiber. What began as a team of just six people is now a prominent company with more than 500 employees and a world-recognized name. Akrapovic’s vision was clear from day one, and the brand is still dedicated to manufacturing only the best high-quality exhaust systems to the public and racing teams.

Your Exhaust System Expert

Akrapovic is the number one manufacturer of everything exhaust from headers and clamps to complete systems. Whether you are looking for an exhaust system for your motorcycle, daily cruiser, or race car, Akrapovic has an exceptionally lightweight and high-tech offering for that application. Akrapovic continues to take home the best brand awards, and they boast several MotoGP and Motocross wins to boot.

Producing Quality Exhaust Product

Akrapovic’s exhaust components boast quality materials, innovative design, pure power, unique sound, high technology. They are race-proven and backed by extensive research, development, and testing. Its products are engineered with a racing pedigree in mind and can withstand the immense mechanical and environmental strain. Not only do its exhaust systems play the part well, but they also sound beyond incredible, thanks to the brand’s combined acoustic experience.

Upgrade to Akrapovic at Vivid Racing

There is no better time to upgrade to an Akrapovic exhaust than now. Vivid Racing is proud to carry a wide range of Akrapovic parts for your particular vehicle. Our inventory includes catted and catless downpipes, test pipes, headers, diffusers, rear lip spoilers, and complete exhaust kits. 

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"How can an exhaust system be innovative?"

One of the things that sets Akrapovic apart from the competition is their use of new design implementations. They're always looking for ways to improve upon their already stellar designs, and they're not afraid to take risks to do it. For example, they've recently started incorporating advanced computer simulations into their design process, which has allowed them to create even more efficient and high-performing exhaust systems.

Another new design implementation that Akrapovic has been experimenting with is the use of alternative materials. They've been using things like carbon fiber and high-grade titanium to create exhaust systems that are not only incredibly lightweight but also incredibly durable. This allows drivers to get the best of both worlds – a lightweight exhaust system that won't break down after just a few uses.

But that's not all – Akrapovic has also been experimenting with different muffler designs to create unique sound profiles. They understand that for many car enthusiasts, the sound of their engine is just as important as its performance, so they've been working hard to create exhaust systems that deliver both. They've even gone as far as to create exhaust systems that allow drivers to switch between different mufflers to achieve different sound profiles. And let's not forget about the attention to detail that Akrapovic puts into every exhaust system they create. From the welding to the finishing, every aspect of their exhaust systems is carried out to the highest standards. This not only ensures that their exhaust systems look great, but it also ensures that they perform great too.

So there you have it – a quick rundown of some of the new design implementations that Akrapovic has been working on. If you're looking for a high-quality exhaust system that delivers on both performance and style, then you can't go wrong with Akrapovic. They're constantly pushing the envelope and coming up with new and exciting designs that are sure to make your car stand out from the crowd. So why settle for anything less than the best? Upgrade to an Akrapovic exhaust system today and experience the difference for yourself! High-Tech, State-of-the-Art Factory: Akrapovic exhausts are manufactured in a high-tech, state-of-the-art facility in Slovenia. The factory uses advanced machinery, including robotic welding and laser cutting, to produce some of the finest exhaust systems available. The facility is also equipped with advanced testing equipment to ensure that every exhaust that leaves the factory meets Akrapovic's exacting standards. Passion and Experience: Akrapovic is a company driven by passion and experience. The company's engineers are automotive enthusiasts who understand the importance of delivering high-performance exhausts that meet the needs of drivers who demand the best. This passion and experience are evident in every exhaust system they produce. Attention to Detail: Finally, Akrapovic exhausts are crafted with a meticulous attention to detail. Every aspect of the exhaust system, from the welding to the finishing, is carried out to the highest standards, ensuring that every exhaust that leaves the factory is a work of art. This attention to detail is what sets Akrapovic apart from the competition and makes their exhausts some of the most sought-after in the world.