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Who Is Danny Gray?

Danny Gray is known for creating custom-made seats for motorcycles and is far from your typical off-the-shelf seat cover. They produce high-quality, hand-crafted chairs that provide riders with a memorable riding experience. Today, they are considered the leading custom seat manufacturer in the motorcycle industry.

The company started back in 1972 and opened doors in Clovis, California. They initially offer custom upholstery for cars, boats, and even golf carts, but they are more popular with their custom motorcycle pieces. They have created seats for high-profile personalities and, through the years, were recognized as one of the elite custom motorcycle seat builders.

Trusted By The Many And By The Best

For more than forty years, Danny Gray has been producing top-notched seats for many motorcycle enthusiasts. They even provide their services to one of the leading motorcycle brands, Harley Davidson. To be trusted by the industry icon is a testament to the quality of work the company does.

Adapting Technology While Keeping Tradition

The company has come a long way since it started. Thanks to the introduction of various advanced machinery, it allowed them to create quality pieces faster. But even so, Danny Gray has maintained its tradition of producing premium quality handmade custom seats that have been enjoyed through generations over generations.

Purchase Danny Gray Products At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for high-quality seats for your motorcycle, then look no further as Danny Gray is the brand for you. To know more about the company and what they can offer, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific requirement.