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Who Is Decked? 

Decked started back in 2013. During those times, there is no product available in the market that would help organize your things on your pickup truck. People resorted to creating DIY drawers made up of wood, ropes, and sometimes even duct tapes to keep everything tidy. Hence, the founders decided to develop Decked products.

Company Mission

The company’s mission is to provide pickup truck owners an in-vehicle storage system that could help them arrange their stuff more systematically. This makes their lives easier. The founders themselves have experienced this struggle and would like to provide a solution to this problem.

Built Tough

Pickup trucks are designed to carry heavy loads like cement, plywoods, and other construction materials. Hence, all Decked products are manufactured to carry all those loads as well. It is rated to carry a 2000lb payload while still maintaining its functionality. This allows you to fully utilize the carrying capacity of your pickup truck.


Decked designs its products to be able to secure your tools even against harsh weather conditions. It is watertight, making sure that whatever you put in stays dry and rust-free.

High-Quality Material

The company uses high-quality materials such as high-density Polyethylene, high-strength steel, and industrial-grade wheels for all of its products. They also custom design it to fit any bed, maximizing the usable space. 

Purchase Decked at Vivid Racing

If you want to have a better way of storing things in your pickup truck, then check out Decked. They have found a solution to this problem and have been proven to be effective by numerous users. 

To know more about Decked and what it has to offer, visit Vivid Racing to see the list of products that would fit your specific needs.