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DuraBlue | ATV Parts and Accessories

DuraBlue is the world's leading ATV axles and accessories manufacturer. DuraBlue was approached in 1979 to develop a method for making the new three-wheeled ATVs more safe, stable, fast, and fun. They used their experience manufacturing axles and suspension components for automotive racing to establish DuraBlue as the premier ATV axle and high performance suspension company it is today.

You can rest assured that DuraBlue products are some of the best today in terms of quality and price. You can be confident that DuraBlue will be there to assist you, as they have been for more than three decades. This is a claim that no other company can make. They guarantee it. DuraBlue has been a household name among ATV racers and recreational riders for over forty years as a heavy-duty suspension and axle components manufacturer.

It is the brand whose products are found on machines that win races and set world land speed records, so many of its offerings is well-suited for extreme duty applications. The company offers a diverse product line that includes several styles of DuraBlue axles, as well as wheel hubs, spacers, anti-roll bars, and lowering kits. All components are manufactured in the United States, and most products are built to the exact specifications of ATV makes and models.

History of DuraBlue

DuraBlue was founded in 1970 and initially focused on developing suspension systems for automotive motorsports. The company entered the ATC market in 1979 with its world-class axles. DuraBlue has been developing innovative solutions for Honda ATC Racing teams since the 1980s. Several of them were incorporated into Honda's production models.

Back then, the patented Posi-Lock nut system was introduced to the world, and it remains widely popular and imitated by other manufacturers to this day. DuraBlue hubs transformed the industry in the 1990s with high-strength yet lightweight designs. They are more durable than stock while compensating for the factory units' flywheel effect.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your quad for aggressive riding or racing or want to equip it with stronger, more durable components than stock, DuraBlue racing parts are the way to go. Their axles are constructed from the strongest materials available and are heat-treated multiple times to ensure maximum durability.

DuraBlue sway bars are fully adjustable from soft to stiff, even on each side of your ATV separately, to deliver the best cornering performance under any racing conditions. DuraBlue wheel spacers are simple to install thanks to the brand's proprietary stud extenders and feature a simple, rugged, and lightweight design.

Wide Range of DuraBlue Product Line

  • Air Filters
  • Anti-sway Bars
  • Axle Brake Hubs
  • Axle End Nuts
  • Axle Housing
  • Axle Sprocket Hubs
  • Axles
  • Brake Block off Plates
  • Hardware, Lowering Kits
  • Posi-Locks
  • Rear Wheel Hubs
  • Skid Plates
  • Spindle Nuts
  • Wheel Lug Nuts
  • Wheel Spacers

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