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Who is DX4?

DX4 is an aftermarket wheel manufacturer company that focuses on creating wheels that are built tough and could take the beating of offroading. With a sea of offroad wheels in the market, DX4 has proven itself as a company that can produce one of the best products out there and could match the wheels made by other mainstream brands. Today, more people are using DX4, and has increase in popularity.

Light But Strong

All of DX4's wheels are made up of lightweight aluminum alloy and are carefully designed and tested, ensuring that it passes the regulatory committee's safety standard. To prove that their product is strong and reliable, the company offers a lifetime structural warranty to its wheel. That is what you call commitment.

Suits Every Style

The company offers various wheel designs with different finishes to choose from. Their design gives a modern up to date look to the truck and gives it more character. You can either choose from matte black, dark earth, matte black machined, and other colors as well. Whatever styling cue you have, DX4 has you covered.

Meant for Offroading

Don't get fooled by the wheels offered by DX4. They might look stylish, but their wheels are also designed to take the punishment of offroading. The wheels are built tough that it can handle rough terrains and varying weather conditions. Their wheels are the exact definition of form and function.

Purchase DX4 wheels at Vivid Racing 

If you are in search of an aftermarket wheel that is good on the street and can handle your offroading journey, then DX4 is the brand for you. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the specific wheels that would fit your requirements.