About Dynamic Friction Company

The Dynamic Friction Company operates mainly from Los Angeles, CA. The company started its operation in 1930. Since then, it has been providing aftermarket braking components for foreign and domestic vehicle applications. It is an award-winning company continuously thriving towards advancement.

Mission of Dynamic Friction Company

The company is on a mission to deliver high-end braking systems for all vehicles inside and outside of the United States. They claim to provide OE quality products which means that the products meet the standard of the originally fitted braking systems in vehicles According to Dynamic Friction Company?s mission statement they want to deliver their customers quality, innovation, and value all at the same time.

Products from Dynamic Friction Company

The products provided by DFC are brake pads, drums, brake shoes, hardware kits, brake rotors, and brake sensors. All of these braking systems are available for every type of vehicle. The coverage of their braking systems is very wide as compared to other brands. From vintage cars to the latest ones launched in 2022, they got parts for all the range of automobiles driving styles.

Award winning company

Dynamic Friction Company has been awarded the 2021 award for New Assignments and Applications by FMSI (Friction Materials and Standards Institute) for the fifth year in a row. The company has been recognized for its important contributions to the new vehicle applications, new disc steel, new disc friction, and new relationship. All of these new introductions make up a total of 206 new braking system contributions to the aftermarket of the automobile industry.

Dynamic Friction Company at Vivid Racing

At Vivid Racing, you can find all the variety of Dynamic Friction Company products. The products available on our website include brake pads, drums, brake shoes, hardware kits, brake rotors, and brake sensors for various models.