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Who is Fuel Offroad Wheels?

Fuel Offroad Wheels was established by MHT Luxury Alloy in 2009. As they are known as the industry's leading company, many offroad enthusiasts swear by their products. 

If you want to have good-looking wheels that could perform both on the streets and the trail, this is the perfect brand for you.

Form and Function

Fuel Offroad Wheels are designed to function well and to withstand extreme conditions. Apart from that, their wheels are aesthetically pleasing that it could instantly turn heads. With their continuous innovation, they were able to provide the latest designs in the market. 

They have several products for stock trucks, lifted, UTV's, trophy trucks, and dually's.

Finest Materials 

Fuel Offroad manufactures wheels with top quality in mind. You can never expect less from them. Made out of 6061-T-6 aluminum alloys, they ensure only to use the best and finest materials possible. 

Their team consists of the best engineers and designers. Thus, allowing them to create wheels that will satisfy the customers' requirements.

Purchase Fuel Offroad Wheels at Vivid Racing

Fuel Offroad wheels offer designs that would suit different styles and needs. They offer several sizes up to 30 inches in diameter, along with various offsets. You can either choose from monoblocks or multi-piece rims. If you want wheels that would make you stand out and will deliver, Fuel Offroad is the brand for you. 

Visit Vivid Racing to check out their list of products. You can never go wrong with them and we are sure you’d get parts ideal for your needs.