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Who is Genuine Mini?

Mini Cooper is a British automotive brand that is known not only in Europe but worldwide. They have produced some of the best compact vehicles in the world and have been doing so in the last 50 years. In able for them to guarantee that their vehicles are maintained to the highest standard, the company created its own division to cater to those maintenance and upgrade parts. Hence, Genuine MINI Parts were established.

British Made Quality

All their parts are made with quality and durability in mind. As with their vehicles, Genuine MINI Parts produces the best original factory parts for all makes and models made by MINI. These parts are designed and created with precision and fit exactly to the specific vehicle model.

The company utilizes state-of-the-art technology in making their parts which is the same way as to how they manufacture their vehicles. They use the latest manufacturing tools that provide an accurate and precise cut, giving them the proper dimensions and specifications required.

Purchase Genuine MINI Parts at Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for quality maintenance and upgrade parts and accessories for your MINI, then Genuine MINI Parts is the right brand for you. Made by MINI for MINIS, you can be sure that you will be getting the proper parts from them every time. They have the most detailed and comprehensive parts list in their inventory that can help you keep your vehicle on the road. To know more about Genuine MINI Parts, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your exact needs.