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Gram Lights from Rays Engineering

Rays Wheels of Japan is world-renowned for both motorsport and street applications. While Rays may be widely recognized for its iconic forged wheels like the Volk Racing TE37, the brand has also been pushing the limits and taking cast wheel production to new heights.

Gram Lights debuted in 2001; and while Volk Racing is all about performance, Gram Lights allows Rays to follow trends more closely and push design elements cutting-edge production methods and colorful finishes. When many hear the name Gram Lights, they think of slammed JDM cars from the ‘90s riding on sporty colorful wheel designs. Rays has patents for new processes for machining and painting to differentiate its wheels from the competition, while also making it incredibly difficult for others to copy its creations.

Gram Lights is Different

The Gram Lights sports brand pushes the casting process to its limits to provide unbeatable designs and performance for the ultimate balance between form and function. Gram Lights wheels offer purpose, style, and performance for street and racing applications. Its lineup of lightweight wheels boasts stunning cast one-piece, cast two-piece, and forged one-piece designs with optional center caps. Gram Lights has something for every enthusiast and satisfies drivers with a passion for sports that dare to be different with unique designs and finishes.

The number 57 can be found on every wheel in the Gram Lights lineup and is a nod back to the 1970s when Rays first became involved in motorsports. Rays’ cars were always adorned with the number 57.

Get Gram Lights at Vivid Racing

If you are ready to take your car’s looks to the next level and set it apart from the rest, then look no further. Vivid Racing’s extensive lineup of sporty Gram Lights wheels has what you are looking for. We carry a wide range of styles, sizes, hub configurations, and colors to suit your particular taste. Our selection of Gram Lights wheels includes the 57ANA, 57BNA, 57CNA, 57DR, 57FXX, 57JV, 57Trans, 57Xtreme series, and many, many more! Call our parts specialist today at (480) 966-3040 if you have any questions regarding Gram Lights or fitment.