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About Ignition Projects

Ignition Projects was started in Japan in 2003 with the goal of developing innovative products in today’s advanced ignition systems. Ignition Projects recognizes the need for much stronger ignition systems to optimize engine performance with lower emissions and improved fuel consumption. In 2005, Ignition Projects purchased Ignition Solutions which enabled them to launch the Plasma Direct and Plasma Booster worldwide.

Ignition Projects boasts a wide variety of applications which include Japanese, European, and American cars. Ignition Projects also offers products for motorcycle and marine applications. Due to its continuous efforts to stay up to date with the latest technologies, Ignition Projects has garnered a reputation for being the leading ignition manufacturer in Japan today. Boasting plentiful innovations and an expansive lineup of parts for a wide range of vehicles and applications, Ignition Projects remains at the forefront of its market.

Ignition Projects USA

Ignition Projects USA was established in Southern California in 2011, with the vision of developing new and innovative products to enhance vehicle ignition systems. Since its inception, the company has remained true to its aim of producing new and innovative products and reaching new heights in technological advances. Its main focus is to produce stronger ignition systems as a means of optimizing engine performance, lowering emission ratings, and improving fuel consumption. Ignition Projects takes pride in delivering optimal ignition systems that give you more performance while remaining compliant. 

Ignition Projects develops and manufactures all of its products in its R&D facility located in the City of Tustin in the heart of Orange County, California. Through the discovery of new technological advances, thanks to its extensive research and development process, Ignition Projects has reached global prominence. The company is proud to deliver import-grade systems that are proudly built right here in the USA. 

What Makes Ignition Projects Special?

With offices in both Japan and the States, Ignition Projects has become a leader on the world stage. The brand has earned a solid reputation with its globally respected products that enhance vehicle ignition systems. Ignition Projects’ products are tried and true in the racing world. For a tuner car, these parts can significantly improve drivability, reduce misfires, increase fuel economy, and provide a number of other benefits when applied correctly. Their ramped-up ignition coils and coil packs deliver increased spark amperage and enable the spark to reach more molecules. This proves to be especially important in forced induction vehicles as it accelerates the combustion and ignition process, allowing for greater horsepower and torque figures in most cases.

The Plasma Direct is the ignition coil with a high-power amplifier built into it. The Plasma Direct produces four times more spark energy than stock coils and also generates an ultra-fast multi-spark discharge of 10 sparks up to the highest RPM. The Plasma Direct will increase horsepower and torque throughout the entire rpm range and reduce fuel consumption. The IP Blaster is a high-power amplifier that drastically boosts ignition coil current. The spark increase is dramatic with the IP Blaster and you can expect a 100-percent increase in spark current, which is the amperage going to the spark.  

Upgrade to Ignition Projects Today

Vivid Racing carries an extensive lineup of coil packs, coil pack blasters, and plug-and-play kits. If you have any questions regarding Ignition Projects or any of its products, please do not hesitate to contact Vivid Racing’s expert parts team at (480) 966-3040. We look forward to equipping your vehicle with Japan’s number one most-effective and desired ignition part.