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About Konig Wheels

For over 35 years, Konig wheels have set the gold standard for aftermarket wheels and rims. Konig is widely known for being a driving force behind the evolution of the sport compact community. Konig wheels use the latest cutting-edge technology to create innovative wheels that are attractive, durable, and perform well. Konig is currently one of the most recognizable aftermarket automotive brands in the world. Konig has enjoyed watching enthusiasts from all over the globe embrace its wheel styles and the lifestyles that fall hand-in-hand with them.

What Does Konig Wheels Offer?

Konig Wheels has been setting trends and revolutionizing the wheel industry for nearly four decades. Since its inception, the brand has shown an unwavering dedication to offering high-quality products and services. Konig Wheels combines decades’ worth of track-tested innovations to create the industry's most coveted aftermarket wheels.

Konig Wheels are sought by professionals for their superb quality and craftsmanship, recognized by enthusiasts for their great value, and admired by all for their signature styling. Konig and all of its brands have managed to establish themselves as the trendsetters in the tuner, Euro, luxury, sport, and Dub markets making them the obvious leader in innovations and designs.

What Makes Konig Wheels Special?

There are a number of performance rims and wheels manufacturers out there, so what separates Konig from the competition?

Flow-Forming Technology

Every single set of Konig rims is designed using flow-forming technology, which is one of the most sophisticated types of manufacturing technologies currently available. Basically, flow-forming technology applies pressure to the inner barrel of Konig wheels while the wheel spins, stretching and compressing the aluminum in order to make the wheel more lightweight and strong. 

High-Quality Aftermarket Wheels

Throughout the decades, Konig Wheels has perfected the art of creating performance and racing wheels that have set the standard for the entire wheel industry. All Konig products built at its factories are the result of advanced technology and processes. Every single product is rigorously tested and must adhere to and exceed stringent quality standards before being released to market.

Incredible Tech at Affordable Prices

As mentioned above, Konig wheels use cutting-edge technology to ensure its wheels boast important properties, such as being lightweight, durable, and high-strength. The icing on the cake? You do not have to break the bank to enjoy a set of Konig wheels, which will greatly improve your car’s overall appearance and perform just as well.

Konig Wheels for Sale at Vivid Racing

If you are interested in getting your car equipped with Konig wheels, Vivid Racing can help. We carry a large selection of Konig wheels that can fit a wide range of car makes and models. To learn more about Konig wheels or to make a purchase, contact Vivid Racing by calling (480) 966-3040.