Who is Maxtrac?

Maxtrac was founded in 2010. The company was started by fellow truck enthusiasts who share the passion for creating suspension for trucks that can perform above expectation - while keeping it affordable for everyone to enjoy. Because of this philosophy, they have steadily started making a name for themselves and is becoming known to different enthusiasts all over.

Kits for Every Occasion

Maxtrac understands that not everyone likes the same thing; different folk different strokes. That is why they develop products to cater to various styles. They offer three different types of suspension, lifting, leveling, or lowering. Whatever kind of stance you want, Maxtrac would have the right parts for you. What sets them apart is their spindles which are designed to either lower or lift the vehicle without ruining the original suspension geometry and suspension travel hence keeping a comfortable ride quality.

Built to Last

All their products are built tough. It is made to handle whatever rough condition it may be subjected to. Their reputation as a manufacturer of durable products has made them a favorite of enthusiasts who demand reliability and performance.

Purchase Maxtrac Product at Vivid Racing

If you are in search of quality suspension products, Maxtrac is the brand for you. They offer a variety of suspension parts ranging from coil springs, spindles, lowering kits, lift kits, flip kits shackles, and more. Their products are designed to fit directly on the vehicle and include all the necessary hardware needed for the installation. Visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that would fit your specific requirement.