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Who is Niche Wheels?

Known for their quality wheel designs, Niche Wheels is a custom wheels manufacturer that caters to a variety of high-end vehicles. They create wheel designs from cast monoblock to completely custom forged multi-piece wheels. 

Throughout the years, Niche Wheels had continuously improved its manufacturing technique to provide the most up to date wheel design on the market today. They have expanded their line up to meet the ever-increasing demands of car enthusiasts around the world. Today they are a brand known to be in the pinnacle of the wheel industry.

Highly Customizable

One reason for Niche Wheels' success is that they have given their customer the ability to customize their wheel of choice. If you wanted to achieve that touring car look, you could choose from their list of one-piece cast wheels. If you wish to achieve the VIP-vibe,  then they have the 3-piece construction for you. Your imagination is the only limitation.

State-Of-The-Art Technique

All Niche Wheels are cast from a single piece of aircraft-grade Aluminum using a technique that requires a state of the art low pressure die casting. This results in a near-perfect wheel shape that is straight and usually requires almost no additional weight to balance properly.

Purchase Niche Wheels from Vivid Racing

Whether you're into small tuner cars or big Bling vehicles, Niche Wheels will have the right product for you. Stand out among your peers with nice customized rims. Visit Vivid Racing and check out what the company has to offer for you. You can never go wrong with this choice.