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Who is Okada Project?

Okada Project is an aftermarket company that is based in Japan. They specialize in producing high performance ignition systems that fit a variety of vehicle makes and models. They have established the brand as a worldwide leader in their market segment.

Uses The Best Materials

Okada Project only uses high quality materials in all their products to ensure that they only produce the best product possible. Not only does it performs above expectations but is also designed to be reliable and durable.

Easy To Install

Their products are designed to achieve better combustion which results in an increase in torque and horsepower. It is also easy to use as it bolts directly to the vehicle without the need for any modification.

Wide Range Of Products

They offer ignition coils, boosters, and amplifiers. It provides a more stable voltage supply and is also applicable for high performance applications. Boosted engines and high compression builds require a better ignition system to eliminate the risk of misfires that may damage the engine.

Purchase Okada Project Products At Vivid Racing

Your ignition system is as equally important as the other parts of a vehicle. Upgrading it would give you a better performing car that would help provide a better driving experience. If you want a quality brand that you can trust, then Okada Project is for you. They have been making these parts for more than 25 years and have applied their knowledge and expertise to provide innovative and up to date products. To know more about Okada Project, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that would fit your specific needs.