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RTX Wheels | High-Quality Classic, Off-Road, R-Spec, & OE Rims

RTX Wheels is a well-known brand in alloy wheels. RTX began almost 15 years ago with a range of three rim models and has since grown to encompass more than 120 models over four unique wheel series: RTX, R-SPEC, OR, and RTXoe. RTX now offers one of the widest ranges of alloy rims in the industry, featuring aftermarket and replica wheels, as well as complete coverage of the most famous contemporary and traditional cars, trucks, and SUVs.

RTX has strived to address the requirements of every market area since its foundation. The business offers a wide choice of wheels in traditional and ultra-modern forms, replica rims that exceed OEM requirements, and wheels in odd styles that give your ride a premium appeal. Thanks to the newest innovations in wheel technology, all RTX rims provide better strength and longevity you can trust if you're on or off the beaten path. Your passenger vehicle, heavy-duty truck, or family van will look great with RTX wheels.

OR Series | Trucks and SUVs

RTX Wheels' OR series is designed specifically for vehicle applications like pickup trucks and SUVs. Every year, RTX brings new wheel models designed specifically for truck drivers to complement the or series' numerous distinctive, classic styles. Low-pressure casting is used to make the OR series wheels, and they meet the recent industry standards.

The series' wheels come in various appealing styles, finishes, diameters, and bolt patterns to accommodate trucks of different sizes. They're a great fit for almost any off-road application, whether you want to preserve the OEM look or upgrade the OEM system to go with a raise kit or improve ground clearance.

R-SPEC Series | High-Performance Cars

If you want rims with the most sophisticated design and engineering wheels at the cutting edge of technology, RTX's R-SPEC series wheels are the way to go. While some R-SPEC wheels are made with low-pressure casting, the majority are made with Flow Form technology, which delivers lighter and tougher alloy wheels for the best performance and reliability. R-SPEC wheels are built following the current industry requirements.

R-SPEC wheels are available in various stunning designs and treatments and popular dimensions and bolt patterns to offer a modern and stylish look to automobiles. They're a fantastic fit for any sports car or hot rod purpose. Many R-SPEC wheels are wider than standard widths, inspired by racing to accept high-performance tires for greater track performance. They're also an excellent addition for almost any streetcar or light truck.

RTX Series | Iconic and Vintage Cars

The RTX series is perfect for fans of classic style with an iconic appeal that is ideal for any car or light truck. With an unrivaled assortment of over 60 wheel designs, the RTX series has something for everyone, and you're likely to find the design that's right for you. These durable wheels are available in various sizes and bolt patterns to accommodate a wide range of cars, from vintage to modern.

They're available in various popular finishes, including black machined, silver machined, chrome, matte gunmetal, gold, etc. Every RTX series wheel is made using low-pressure casting and adheres to the most recent industry standards. Regardless of the model you choose, you'll get a high-quality wheel.

RTXoe Series Wheels

If you desire a factory-like wheel look but want wheels with a wider diameter, RTX Wheels' RTXoe series wheels are a great option. This series of wheels is also a good choice if you need to replace broken OEM wheels, have a set of wheels devoted to winter operation, or want to give a base model car a luxurious look. These replica wheels are available for a variety of vehicle brands and models.

Also, with over 70 wheel styles encompassing more than 20 vehicle brands, you're sure to discover the correct wheels for your car or truck. RTXoe wheels are expertly produced with the latest low-pressure casting innovation and cutting-edge manufacturing machinery to provide high dependability and performance at an accessible price. All RTXoe wheels comply with the most recent industry standards, ensuring that they will exceed your expectations.

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