Who Is RYFT?

RYFT is not your typical aftermarket company. If women have top dollars designer bags and accessories, this is its counterpart to car enthusiasts. RYFT is known for manufacturing some of the most exclusive exhaust systems in the market. Today, they are considered one of the premiere exhaust manufacturers in the world.

Bringing Exclusivity On The Plate

When we say exclusive, how about creating only 18 pieces of exhaust, and that is for the whole world. Wonder why only manufacture a small amount? RYFT caters to some of the most exquisite automotive brands like Buggati, Mclaren, and Ferrari. 

The Best Product Money Can Buy

Of course, the best cars require the best parts. Ryft does not only create an exhaust system for these cars but rather a masterpiece and a work of art. Each piece is 100% made out of titanium. It is a strong metal used in various engineering applications because it is corrosion-resistant. This metal is also 40% lighter than steel but as robust. That is why it is the preferred material for various high-performance applications.

Each component is hand-made and created with their proprietary Velocity Loops that help produce its distinct clean high pitch sound.

Purchase RYFT Products At Vivid Racing

If owning a rare supercar is still not enough for you, then step it up a notch with the most exclusive exhaust system from RYFT. If there is a word that can describe what is beyond exclusivity, that is RYFT. To know more about the company and what they offer, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific needs.