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Prove how confident you are on the track by making your car the best custom taillights only here at Vivid Racing because we know that the competition will see it as the only aspect of your car. In addition to the very important component of letting the driver behind you know that the taillight is coming to an end, it is another highlight that should complement the vehicle theme, the SUV, or the truck.

We have a variety of options to match all types of vehicles to ensure that you roll with the greatest of the aftermarket taillights of Vivid Racing. We have aftermarket taillights to suit your needs, whether you are looking for some euro model lights or regular sets for your car. When you want to keep a low profile with a subtle look at your car, or truck, the look is sleek and stylish with a collection of smoked LED backlights.

Manufacturers We Have

  • Automotive Lighting
  • Competition Werkes
  • Crown Automotive
  • Genuine Porsche
  • J.W. Speaker
  • Max-Bilt
  • Novitec
  • Race Sport Lighting
  • Recon Truck Accessories
  • Spec-D
  • Spyder Auto and many more. Just browse for more manufacturers on the left section of this page

Taillights are necessary in order to make your vehicle noticeable at night and to let other drivers know when you stop and turn, but they are also major characteristics that you can tell the fabric and the design of certain vehicles by the lighting pattern that is exposed in the dark. From simple incandescent bulbs to the most recent fiber optics and LEDs, whatever you repair your everyday car, update your appearance or fix a classic, we have all of your lighting needs.

The most important feature of the taillight is that this is secure, irrespective of whether it looks good or not - but we all know you want it too. You want to ensure that the driver behind you recognizes when you come to a stop. Each of our retail lamps is DOT (Department of Transportation) certified, so you can rest easy to know that it fits in with what you need to plan for and go.

Benefits of LED Taillights

You may wonder what makes LED backlights more useful than the old-school selections, right from the factory for many late model cars. The initial costs of LED lights can be greater than halogens, but in this groundbreaking lighting system, there are no shortages of benefits. And you can rely on an incredibly amazing output quality when selecting LEDs from a reputable brand such as Spyder, Anzo, Rigid Industries, and Spec-D. Browse the range of the top brands in Vivid Racing to find the correct collection of LEDs for your journey.

Better Visibility

Our LED taillights can have the key benefit of greater visibility, which ensures that driving day and night is better. As LEDs are made from multiple light bulb systems, they emit a spectrum of lights that makes the vehicle recognizable to other drivers on the road, unlike the individual bulbs in conventional vehicles.

Long Lifespan

Unlike conventional incandescent equivalents, since they have no filament and the heat they emit is highly concentrated, LEDs are less prone to breakage. Our durable LED taillights have been designed to respond to extreme weather conditions and can last considerably longer than their incandescent equivalents.

Energy Efficiency

Another important advantage of our LED taillights is that only a minimum amount of energy is needed. With LEDs, your battery and alternator will be less stressed, and you will have more time for maintenance, less money to fix, and more power for your loud stereo system.

Easy Installation

Most replacement lights are simple installation of plug-and-play so the process is quick and the splitting of wire is little or no.

There is a certain sense of satisfaction when you make improvements to your car, not to mention the prestige points when you cruise with your fellow car enthusiasts. Swapping from inventory lights to new taillights can look like an awful job-anything requiring re-wired electronics can feel like this-but most custom tail light kits that we offer are simple installation, no drills, or complicated tools necessary. In a matter of seconds, a set of LED taillights will be matched to make sure they match.

We only supply the best brands such as Anzo, ORACLE, Spyder, and more to make sure you select your preferred style. Vivid Racing got you covered, from customized taillights to all of the other car aftermarket products you need to maximize your journey. It is important to know what you're doing, So check out the feedback to see what our fans have had to say about their new taillights. You may use their experiences in real life to assist you in making the right option.

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