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Universal Repair Parts

With so many customized vehicles on the roads today there are many parts that cross over. We have listed some universal, repair, and maintenance products to help you outfit your car. We have a great selection of turbo parts, exhausts, engine components, suspension pieces, and many more.

Unless you're a skilled auto body repair specialist and painter, you're going to have to pay one if you want your car or truck to look right. Whether it's fixing collision damage, rust repair, a vehicle restoration, or a combination of the three, a first-class job will require a significant outlay of cash for labor, but you can reduce the total cost of the project by purchasing the auto body parts from us.

Peruse our auto body parts online store and you'll see that we offer all the sheet metal body panels as well as bumpers, grilles, lights, glass, window components, and interior parts, all at much lower prices than you'd pay at a local auto body parts store or dealer.

You will not only save money when you buy aftermarket auto body parts from us. But in doing so, you have control over the quality of the parts that are used to repair your car or truck. Who knows what hidden damage lurks underneath the paint of used parts, and some aftermarket parts are of questionable quality, with incorrect dimensions, and thickness that can make them hard to fit and less durable, with a less than satisfactory finished appearance.

Our collision repair parts are sourced from trusted manufacturers who form all their auto body panels according to OE specifications using the most modern tooling, so you can be assured that your panels will look and fit exactly as designed. Our restoration parts are exact replicas of the original parts, made by companies staffed by car enthusiasts who specialize in restoration parts. Here are our very own selections of manufacturers for universal car repair and maintenance parts.

  • AFE
  • ARB 4x4 Accessories
  • Aeroquip
  • Akrapovic
  • Allstar Performance
  • Canton Racing Products
  • Earl's Performance
  • Forever Wave
  • Heatshield Products
  • QuickCar
  • Stainless Works
  • Ticon Industries and many more, just browse for the selection tab at the left section of this page.

Rust is an issue with classics and sports cars, so many buyers consider a strong project car in highway-salt-free zones, or will drive several kilometers to the dry desert regions. But often you just need to work with whatever you have, and sadly it does include the subtle corrosion and the visible rusted panels and fenders across four walls. The subtle rust can be found in pots, trunk floors, and other areas so you normally won't have to make your own panels for repair when you find them.

Our repair companies are familiar with classics, they are familiar with the muscle cars, know the trouble areas, and have developed floor panels, rocker panels, patch panels, and others to provide a good base for your repairs.

Although the important parts are the main car body components and doors, many smaller trim materials are necessary to repair a proper crash accident repair. Some collision parts vendors may leave it to you to source such parts but here at Vivid Racing, we believe that everything you need in one place should be available. A good collision repair is possible through our aftermarket auto body parts. After all, auto body pieces look just as nice as the metal surface underneath the paint allows. You wouldn't have to spend much on having quality panels with our collision automotive parts and you don't need to drive over everything or call up many of the parts you need.

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