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About Velox Wheels

Velox Wheels has been quietly manufacturing wheels for over two decades, private labeling and distributing them to more than 3,000 retailers. Throughout the years, Velox has been at the forefront of providing quality-driven products that boast style and value.

Velox Wheels was the first brand to design wheels that accommodated big brake calipers prior to the introduction and now prevalent use of big brake system. Velox was also the first to eliminate chrome wheels from its lineup in favor of preserving the environment against waste generated from the chroming process. What’s more, the company was one of the first to consider only working with manufacturing facilities that observed labor laws and the provision of humane work conditions. 

Velox Wheels sources its wheels from the same manufacturers that supply major automakers like General Motors, Toyota, and Volkswagen. Velox’s entire lineup of wheels meets all standards set by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Society of Automotive Engineers, in addition to Japan’s wheel safety and reliability standards.

The Pair Behind Velox Wheels

Dominic Chang, president of Velox Wheels, has a defining moment in his childhood where he developed an interest in the automotive world; and, according to him, everything snowballed from there. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Chang and his business partner, Linda Liu, who would later become his wife, started a speed shop in City of Industry, California. The shop primarily specialized in high-performance mods like exhaust systems and engine components. Emission regulations became tricky, so the duo looked at other options and decided that wheels were a smart path to take. Chang and Liu relaunched their company in 1999, selling only custom wheels. In 2010, Velox became a Costco supplier. 

Chang says Velox’s aluminum wheels are more corrosion-resistant by nature than other steel or chrome wheels that are easily damaged by salt and de-icing agents. Aluminum wheels are also lighter, resulting in better fuel economy and improved performance. 

Choose Velox Wheels at Vivid Racing

There is no better or easier way to instantly change the appearance of your car than by giving it a new pair of shoes. Vivid Racing carries a wide assortment of Velox Wheels to cater to your individual taste and application. Our inventory of Velox Wheels includes the Reflex, Revolt, Sterling, Nirvana, Momentum, Flight, Glide, Blade, Apex, and several other series. If you have questions regarding any of the wheels above or cannot find one you are looking for, please call our specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040.