Who is Vertex?

Vertex is a company that was founded in 1953 and produced spare parts for agricultural engines and pumps. Originally it was a craft enterprise with eight employees and arranged two machining lines to produce two-stroke cast pistons. 

In 1980, the company was bought by YAMA Italian group, a leader in the gardening field. It provided Vertex the financial capability to sustain its development. Since then, Vertex became a pistons supplier for important European go-kart, scooter and motorcycle companies.

Pushing Boundaries

Vertex has always pushed itself in developing its products. That is why during the early 90s, their technicians released new off-road pistons made out of exotic materials with particular race profiles, which made it an instant success to many racers everywhere.

Piston Experts

The company became known for creating pistons made with the same technology applied for racing parts. They participated in various racing events and helped top teams win multiple world championships. Because of their reputation for creating quality pistons, they became the official supplier of KTM for its OE 2 stroke engines and many other motorcycle brands.

Purchase Vertex Pistons At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for high-performance pistons that are reliable and provide optimum performance, then look no further, as Vertex has got you covered. Manufactured in Italy, Vertex is the premier brand of OEM replacement pistons and is the OEM supplier of numerous European motorcycle and go-kart manufacturers. 

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