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About VR Steering Wheels

Upgrade the interior of your vehicle with a new Vivid Racing Steering Wheel. Vivid Racing has built steering wheels for a wide range of makes, including Ford, Tesla, Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, and more! Our steering wheel upgrade brings about proper ergonomics and a luxury feeling that the OEM steering wheel simply does not have.

So no matter the year, model, or buttons you have, we can make a customized steering wheel for you. Vivid Racing's factory alters the shape while keeping the original inner ring for safety. This is not a simple cover but a re-engineered steering wheel for a customized look that will elevate the look of your cabin while also feeling incredible in your hands.

Our unique steering wheels feature beefier hand grips at the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions to deliver enhanced ergonomics for a better driving experience. The VR Steering Wheel shop offers a plethora of options you can choose from so that you can configure a product that is perfect for you. Options include a colored 12 o'clock ring, matching stitching, leather, carbon fiber, perforated leather, shift lights, inlays and more. Because these are made off of a factory steering wheel core, you retain the original buttons and trim along with reusing your airbag.

Why Upgrade Your Steering Wheel?

You spend hours behind the wheel of your car driving, so you might as well make driving feel as good as possible. That does not always mean performance wise, such as an exhaust. A new, upgraded steering wheel can give you better grip and control while also delivering higher comfort levels so you can enjoy driving more. A custom steering wheel can also completely revamp the interior of your car. While it may seem like a fairly subtle detail from an outside view, from the driver's seat, it is a whole other story.

Steering wheels can get worn fairly quickly, too, depending on the previous owners' driving. And cheaper materials wear out and leave the steering wheel showing age that a cover can't mask. Avoid all of these unnecessary matters and more by swapping out your OEM steering wheel today with a customized one from Vivid Racing Steering Wheels that better reflects your personality and driving habits.

Ordering a VR Steering Wheel

VR Steering Wheels are fully customizable. When you configure the options for your steering wheel, you will notice there is a core charge. Once we receive your original steering wheel back here at the Vivid Racing headquarters, we will refund you this core amount. If you choose to keep your stock steering wheel, you just forfeit the core charge. Some steering wheels are available in stock, while others are made to order and can take anywhere between six to eight weeks.

Before we process your order, we request a photo of your stock steering wheel in your vehicle to make sure there are no differences or issues in the steering wheel build. All of your factory trim, buttons, paddles, and airbag must be moved from your stock steering wheel to the new one. If you ordered your steering wheel with a trim or paddle shifter upgrade, you do not need to swap these out. Contact a Vivid Racing parts specialist today at (480) 966-3040 to learn more.